Women FOR Women


*effective June 20, 2018*

The specific focus of this site is women as content creators and consumers of media – whether traditional or digital, in front of or behind the camera. From a Canadian perspective but looking around North America and the world.

Part of this cultural tracking endeavour is to provide curation dedicated to exploring the female experience and perspective; about the times we are living in and how we are navigating our way through them. There are experiences in the world that we as women share, yet our particulars can vary widely. Nonetheless, there seem to be core themes in those experiences that are linked directly to the fact that we are of the female gender. Whether it be the glass ceiling, domestic violence, or more subtle forms of discrimination / domination, biases still exist.

The content here is presented with a conscious intention not to be “against” anything or anybody, but instead with the intention to reflect what we are FOR, as women…

What this site strives FOR is to provide a place where we can interact, discuss, celebrate and support each other as women. And expand into enhancing how the world engages with women.

Explore, expand, engage!