The lightbulb and transmedia …

I went to a seminar in January 2010, hosted by a local BC industry group and introducing us to Jeff Gomez. Jeff was a guy from New York who was working in the transmedia world, through his company Starlight Runner Entertainment. Maybe that’s a bit of an understatement. He is one of the founders of transmedia and a pioneer in its development. I’d never really heard that expression before, but once Jeff gave us his story, it was like a light bulb went off for me. He talked about his experience as a youth in pursuing his passion for a Japanese anime-style story that he first encountered in comic books. Soon a limited TV series was produced and then after its demise a string of feature films followed. Jeff’s experience was one of an infatuated youth following his adored fantasy characters across multiple platforms.

And this led him as an adult into the world of story-telling where every platform worked together and furthered the fan experience. Through transmedia, you were building a fan base, not an audience as the traditional media would call it. The other outlets were not just add-ons to serve as by-products to the main product, but a way to interact with your audience in different ways and by different means.

But you had to respect the audience, understand your fan base, and be true to the world you create. Multiple platforms work best when you appreciate how each offers unique ways to enhance the storytelling experience. They all work together… of course they do!  Lightbulb!

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