From the Margins to the Mainstream – A New Report

Film, television, digital media, music, magazine and book publishing sectors propose a comprehensive development strategy.

As the author, I was pleased to be at the launch of our joint effort today. The report From the Margins to the Mainstream: Moving BC’s Creative Industries Forward (April 2012) was commissioned by the Canadian Media Production Association-BC Branch, Music BC, the Association of BC Book Publishers and Magazines BC and is an up-to-date look at the creative industries in BC.

As the media release says: “If British Columbia’s creative industries are going to reach their full job-creating potential in the competitive years ahead, they need the creative equivalent and focus of the “Own the Podium” approach that earned Canada a record number of medals at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A report commissioned by the province’s creative industries sector says a strategic approach to the future is needed, one that includes moving this $4 billion sector from the margins to the mainstream of economic and policy thinking, something that’s key to retaining British Columbia’s creative professionals, as well as their entrepreneurship and job-creating potential. Without it, the province risks losing its best talent to places such as Ontario and Quebec with their competitive tax credits, program funding and easier access to investment capital.”

A new approach to the creative industries is definitely needed in BC and it’s time for the provincial government to appreciate that fact.

Cultural Industries Report 24 April 2012


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